Our Trip Philosophy

Our trip philosophy works on three principles

HC Trip For You

We pride ourselves on our ability to design trips specifically for you and your needs. We work closely with teachers and leaders to create a trip that meets your specifications and requirements. Our staff with over 40 years of trip and camping experience lend their insight and expertise to designing your trip for you.

HC Bite the Big Apple

Authored by Peter Le Roux, Sue Le Roux and Dorian Botsis.

This is our premiere trip to NewYork and Boston, especially for students outside of America. This trip includes many New York tourist attractions and exclusive visits to private and public schools in Boston. Orientation tours of MIT, Harvard and other schools are included in the trip. This is a great trip for students especially interested in studying in Boston after high school.

HC Iron Cross

Authored by Peter Le Roux and Jan Theron.

This is our groundbreaking history trip visiting all the major historical sites of World War One and Two including Aushwitz, Berlon, London, Paris and Warsaw. Students and teachers who participate in this trip overwhelming talk about how this trip makes history come alive. A recent history teacher taught half a semester’s worth of material in two weeks!

HC Cape Connect

Authored by Peter Le Roux and Dorian Botsis

This is our innovative service trip to South Africa working with impoverished communities in and around breathtaking Cape Town. This trip encompasses visiting Robben Island, a World Heritage Site, Cape Point, a safari, township tours, hands on service in community development and enrichment, and intercultural experiences with locals. This trip will change your life and perspective!

Rail Splitter

A training intensive and team development environment

HC Rail Splitter works with students by providing them with leadership vignettes designed to introduce core leadership principals in an environment where students work with other students and key educators to implement those principles in hands on projects. This is done in a training intensive and team development environment.

The training intensive is experienced during a trip experience to New York and Washington D.C. where students can have fun, learn in a non-class environment and see first hand some of our countries greatest leaders.

Upon successfully completing this training intensive, groups of students continue to work on chosen projects with real world application and outcomes. Seed money is provided to the most viable projects. Students have the opportunity to put into action the principles they have learned while bringing about focused change in an area of their passion and a need in the world.

This work continues in their groups while we provide logistical and organizational guidance for the first year. As projects reach completion, students may choose to launch into their own endeavors with their newfound skills and experience.

For more information on joining a trip or to have us organize a trip for you email us at info@hammerchisel.com or fill out our online trip application.