Who We Are

Hammer and Chisel is a registered 501 (c) 3 corporation in the United States of America.  The company operates around the world, focusing on the USA and South Africa primarily.  Hammer and Chisel is a company open to new ideas made up of people with a plan to make a difference.  Born out of the experiences of two South Africans during the years of Apartheid (systematized racial discrimination), Hammer and Chisel now seeks to reach out to all people and engage them in education and service-related efforts around the world.

Our Mission

Hammer and Chisel Inc exists to shape learners and teachers for dynamic change.

We believe in helping people develop beyond just gaining knowledge. We believe in producing within people the core values of service, learning and leadership. We commit ourselves to shaping those we work with to be the best people they can be. For this reason, we reach out to people around the world, of all circumstances and situations, and bring them together to work for lasting change.


HC will have a growing online and live presence reaching students and teachers who are moved to engage in service projects and other beneficial practices in their world.


  1. Beauty in company structure and programming excellence
  2. Camaraderie before, in and after the work
  3. Challenge the status quo
  4. Squeeze the peach: leverage the most out of an experience, resource or practice
  5. Love for others expressed in beneficial practice

Shaping learners and teachers for dynamic change.